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This page is primarily just for Mac Mini users to relax and such. It's open to anyone who wants to talk all things about the Macs and iPods...not just Mac Mini owners.

Rules for this community:

1) First and foremost, don't flame. It will not be tolerated. This means no flaming of anyone posting "simple" questions. These include "RTFM" and "Just google the damn thing."

That's pretty much the only rule. Obviously, no explicit pictures/movies or links to them. This is a Mac Mini community, not a Porn Mini community. If someone posts a question you feel is too "simple" or "dumb", simply ignore it. It may seem dumb to you, but regardless if the person who posted did not bother to look through the manual, you have no right to be a complete jackass. Simply ignore the question. Don't post "Gawd, why do people always post instead of RTFM?" It does no one any good if you post that.

Also, this community is for PC/Mac users for open discussion and comparisons of other OS and computers. Although this community is mainly Mac Mini based, I won't be too strict on what topics to post. If you want to talk about why you hate Bush or why the Maryland Terrapins are such a great basketball team...feel free to. But try to limit that kind of discussion. If there are too many off-topic posts, they will be deleted.

Do not double post. Double posts not only includes posting two times of the same message, but also includes an "update" to your original post. For instance, if you post a question on how to use the Expose button and then make another post saying you figured it out, that's double posting. If you want to tell people you figured it out, either edit your original entry or post in the comments section.

You do not have to be a Mac user to join this community. This community is just to serve all the needs of people who are interested in the Mac Mini(even if they never plan to get one) or the newest OS "Mac OS X Panther."

You may also use this forum to sell any of your Mac Mini goods. This includes iPods, accessories, the Mac Mini itself, monitors, printers, etc. Just note that no one in this community will be held responsible for lost or stolen items between the two parties who participate in the transaction. Simply make a post announcing you want to sell a particular item(s) and that's it. If no one responds, please wait at least 1 week before you make a similar post. If you violate this, you will be given a warning. Proceeding violations will usually result in a ban.

Lastly, don't post "I'm leaving, this community sucks." Just leave if you don't like it, no need to tell the whole world about it. If you do post a topic similar to that, you will be permanently banned...that way I can force you to stay true to your word. Although such circumstances may cause people to post "I'm Leaving" threads, I'm sometimes pretty nice and I'll let you back in if you email me with a full explanation on why you left, and why I should admit you back in.

dingojellybean is the moderator/owner of this community. If you have any questions, please send dingojellybean an IM of the same handle.