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Mac Mini refresh issued today

From my post on Infinite Loop:

Apple has also released new Mac Minis. Both models, still priced at US$499 and US$599**, have 512MB of memory built-in. There are now two variants of the 1.42GHz models, one with a simple combo drive and one with a superdrive, labeled “Superdrive Mini.”

Airport and Bluetooth are still build-to-order on the low-end model, but seem to come standard on the two “high-end” minis. Video is powered by a ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB of RAM (no change, I believe, please let me know if I’m wrong here).

** $599 price is speculation as the Apple store is still down.

A good day for beefier Minis! Unfourtunately we didn’t see any specialization in the Mini. I’m still looking forward to the day we see the HTPC Mini straight from Apple ;)

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