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Shimura Power Guard Mini

123MacMini gives us the heads up on the Shimura Power Guard Mini which, by the way, looks freaking awesome. The case looks like something out of a Terminator movie and will make your little mini the envy of all your friends:

The Power Guard Mini comes in three models. The Standard, Moon Light, and Air Light type cases. The Standard case is completely sealed with slots for the optical drive and back ports. The Moon light case has additional slots to let the Apple logo show through. The Air Light case has slots to let the Apple logo show through. It also has slots going down the top sides of the case to allow for better Airport reception. All three models have a cool looking handle and “shock safety zones” inside the case to protect the Mac mini. Some of our translation may be wrong, but you get the general idea.

The Mac Mini Guard retails for 21,800 JPY or $194 and is unavailable in the U.S. at this time.

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